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The farm named 'Cą Di Gej' starts in 1989 when the actual owners acquired ground and buildings by a water company which took possession of them twenty years before in order to build a dike. Since the dike had never been built, the taken possession properties were selled. This ground, untilled by twenty years and full of briars, is now the hearth of a farm which produces natural vegetables and has been certified as natural farm by IMC .

The farm grows several varietys of producs: fruit, vegetables, olives, grapes, and breeds animals lihe cows, pigs, goats, hens, rabbits. This wide variety of production allows the 'agriturismo' to use for restoration most of the ingredients becoming from the farm.

The buildings, in the past used by two farmer's families as home and stables have all been restructured and in part used to receive guests.


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